who are you?

Passion 4 can rock your world

We set-up in 1995 as a free thinking, creative, independent design collective, the aim was simple; to use our creative skills to rock your world!

Collaboration, that’s how we like to roll!

We are passionate individuals and think as such, we’re not afraid of asking questions, we assume nothing, we speak human. No disconnect, no suited and booted ‘account managers’ or ‘sales executives’, you deal with us directly, what you see is exactly what you get – it is all refreshingly simple!

Passion 4 works as a design collective, producing creative solutions across a wide range of media including print, online, social or whatever it takes to float the boat. We listen more than talk to gain better insight into your real requirements. Then deliver to you the best tailored solutions – strong on substance, big on results!

So who are we? Well meet the team; Lorna, Chris and Precious.


‘Passion 4 are the ideal designers for our group. We work with a tight budget, yet have a very creative vision. Our publicity has to have a dramatic visual impact. Passion 4’s concept of layout, typeface and colours excellently translates our ideas onto paper, and this is reflected by positive comments from our audience’

Steve Tasane – Atomic Lip